Звіт про CodeSprintUA 2014

This sprint happened during DrupalCamp Kyiv 2014, an amazing event which takes place in the capital of Ukraine 7 years in a row. Overall more than 150 people took part in the conference, with 1 day of sessions and contribution sprint on November 1-2.

There were 39 participants on the sprint day in Kyiv and few guys working remotely from Mykolaiv and Lutsk. It was great news to find out that even Novosibirsk team joined the initiative and finished sprinting by the time we started it in Kyiv. This was because time zones difference and we would like to say special thanks to these guys who were team leaded by Eugene Ilyin for resolving 5 issues and tackling additional ones that were not listed in our Meta Issue They did it without any support and assistance from the org team which was great!

Overall stats are the following: 
Contrib issues fixed: 49 + 4 in progress
Drupal 8 core issues fixed: 3 + 10 in progress
Created 6 contrib module releases: Date, Gmap. Location, Faq, Advanced_forum, Cerf
Drupal core strings translated to Ukrainian: ~1000 (7 translators participated)
Github D7 repo PR count: 37 fixed /6 in progress
Github D8 repo PR count: 11 closed / 3 in progress
There was one contrib module porting to D8 started - https://www.drupal.org/node/2228373. The work was finished on December 25th (https://www.drupal.org/node/2396933).
The full report is available at drupal.org: https://www.drupal.org/node/2371971

We haven’t used traditional Drupal.org development workflow during this sprint so here goes some stats of using Continuous Integration workflow set up, configured and tested by the org team in advanced:

CI server D7 builds count: 230
CI server D8 builds count: 30
There were ~40 developers using the CI server at one time during 8 hours. FYI - builds are fully unique drupal distributions with personal DB, own codebase, created from scratch using custom made profile with a lot of dependencies and demo content. Concurrency was maximum 5 builds for a single repo. The longest build took 1m 30 sec. And there were no errors/fails at all during sprint day from the build server side.
You can see general stats in corresponding GitHub repos:

We would like to thank organizers for making this event such a great experience for everyone.
Especially to Ciklum company for hosting 40 drupalists in their fabulous Sky Point openspace and all the coffee and cookies :) We were sometimes annoying, and we asked for things. And they just made all of them happen, while being friendly and positive at all times!

Thanks to all sprint participants! You did a great job!

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